This Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review will break down everything there is to know about this pump-action supplement! Much like most Pre Workout supplements, this product promises to supply your body with everything it needs to maximize your workout sessions.

Are these claims to be believed? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out for you today!

The Reflex Nutrition company promoted this product as something that was tested by actual professionals. That means, that it went through a number of active fitness consumers first — before it made it out into the market. It’s a nice concept, and people definitely bought into it.

After all, the Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout has been steadily growing in popularity.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review Claims

The company manufactures their products in the UK and appear to be doing well. They sell their Pre Workout in a stylish but minimalistic black and orange container that’s shiny enough to catch a customer’s attention — but not gaudy enough to turn them off. +1 on that then. 

Looks aside, we are expecting quite a bit from this supplement.

So let’s get right to it!

The Claims

There are a couple of big — and I mean big — claims that come along with the Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout. The company is promising its consumers the world? Let’s take a look at some of the things that they’re promising!

Massive Energy

The Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout promises its users a healthy amount of energy to help them power through their workouts. Now, this kind of claim is not so outlandish — not when it comes to Pre Workouts.

However, they follow up this massive amounts of energy claim with promises of clean energy.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review Massive Energy

That sounds great and all, BUT it’s very difficult to get right and very few do. With Pre Workouts there are often two extremes. You either get tons of energy with the risk of energy crashes OR you get very little energy without the risk of energy crashes.

I’m hopeful that the Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout will give us an answer to that. 

Results within ONE month!

This has to be one of their largest claims yet. Again, this is not so uncommon that it’s strange, but it’s still a very outlandish claim. Perhaps I’m just jaded, but I’m still looking forward to finding out whether or not this Pre Workout will actually help me get shredded after taking it for a whole month.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Ingredients


We start our ingredient breakdown with Beta-Alanine. This is one of the most common Pre Workout ingredients in the market. Of course, one would think that it’s a good ingredient — and in some ways it is. However, Beta-Alanine is truthfully a double-edged sword.

Research has proven that Beta-Alanine will provide a “buffer” that can keep you working out for longer periods at a time. However, it’s also been linked to mild-paresthesia (a side-effect that we’ll be covering more later on.)

Mild-paresthesia is proven to appear at around 0.8 – 1 grams per day (which the Reflex Nutrition has.)

The other bummer is the fact that Beta-Alanine has only proven effective in doses of 2-5 grams per day. Now, because the Reflex Nutrition provides on 1 gram per day, we can confirm that the dosage of Beta-Alanine in this supplement is more harm than good.


The next ingredient is caffeine. Now, much like Beta-Alanine, this is a very popular Pre Workout ingredient and could also potentially be more harm than good. However, it appears that Reflex Nutrition was a little more conscientious with this one.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review Caffeine

Each serving offers only 100 milligrams of caffeine per day. That’s a safe start for beginners, but under-dosed for the rest of us who want real results and definitely not enough for their promised “massive energy. Still, it should be more than enough to keep you focused without running the risk of energy crashes.

Citrulline Malate

Another great ingredient choice. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but much like the previous two, Citrulline Malate is something that we see in a lot of Pre Workout Supplements. This is because of its proven endurance-boosting capabilities.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review Citrulline Malate

Now, one thing I get finicky about when it comes to Citrulline — is the dosage. A lot of Pre Workout supplement companies can’t get it right. And unfortunately, the Reflex Nutrition Pre workout didn’t either.

It only has 3.2 grams per serving, which is way below the recommended 6 – 8 grams. That makes this our third underdosed ingredient. It’s much too little to be effective.


This is the only out-of-the-way ingredient that the Reflex Nutrition has. Which makes the fact that it’s the only one that’s correctly-dosed even more ironic. So yes, L-Carnitine has been proven to work and is used in some dietary supplements.

However, it doesn’t really have anything to do with pumping up your workouts.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review L-Carnitine

Bottom line is, while the ingredient itself is correctly dosed and should be effective, it is still not a Pre Workout ingredient.

How to take Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout

Reflex Nutrition is taken in the normal way. You’re meant to take a scoop up the powder (around 9 grams) and mix it into some water (around 250 ml.) The only thing wrong with this picture is the fact that most of its ingredients are underdosed.

That’s why a lot of people find themselves doubling or even tripling their dosage. This kind of regimen might end up being a lot more costly in the long run — as they’re asking for $27.99 per 30 servings. It might also lead to the escalation of a couple of side-effects.

Side Effects and Negatives of Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout

There is one ingredient in here that will cause uncomfortable side-effects whether or not you stay at the recommended daily dosage or up it accordingly. As well as one other ingredient that might prove potentially harmful when taking more than the recommended dose.

Mild Paresthesia

The amount of Beta-Alanine per serving is enough to cause mild-paresthesia. This is a tingly or sharp burning sensation that you feel in your fingers and toes.

It’s harmless, but people who are sensitive to Beta-Alanine might feel the effects throughout their entire body — making it hard to focus on anything else and certainly effects your workout badly.

Energy Crashes

The caffeine dosage is low enough that it shouldn’t cause any problems, but is also too low for what we prefer. Also, if you end up doubling and/or tripling your dose to compensate for the other ingredients, then you might experience harsh energy crashes, insomnia, and/or twitchiness.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review Conclusion

For the most part, the Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout stayed true to its roots. By that I mean, it tried to be a Pre Workout supplement, and it definitely succeeded in some parts. It used regular Pre Workout ingredients — like Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, etc.

However, it could have definitely done a couple of things to change up their formula. A lot of the important ingredients were unfortunately underdosed. That would require someone to take a lot more of it (which is both costly and potentially dangerous), just to make sure that it works.

Buy cheap buy twice.

Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review Conclusion

If you look at other Pre Workout supplements on the market, like the 4 Gauge (which is currently our favorite), you can see where it’s lacking. However, it’s not a bad supplement overall. This is especially true for beginners or for people who aren’t looking to get crazy shredded.

That’s not us.

Now, if you are still looking for a beastly Pre Workout Supplement? Then I recommend checking out our Top 3 Pre Workout Supplements list — you’ll learn everything there is to know there.

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