This One87 Pre Workout Review will offer a detailed break-down on everything you need to know about this product. Is it any good? If so, what makes it better than the others? And if not — what makes it worse? That’s what we’re going to be answering for you today!

Now, the first thing we’re going to be looking at is branding! The One87 Pre Workout has its own single-page website. That, in itself, is not completely unheard of — but, it’s still pretty darn weird. It would have definitely been better if there was an easier way for us to get to know the people behind the product.

Even so, the branding of the product itself is pretty rockin.’ The container offers a retro design that’s very pleasing to the eye. So, they got their aesthetics right at least!

Looks aside — what is the product really about?

The Claims

This is when the actual Pre Workout elements come in.

One87 Pre Workout Review the Claims 1

A quick look at the nutritional menu won’t offer many answers. If only because there are TWENTY-TWO ingredients inside of this thing. That might sound good, but it’s always better to use quality ingredients — ingredients that actually work. Rather than listing out a bunch ingredients that won’t really do anything.

Either way, let’s look at what the company claims the One87 Pre Workout can do with said ingredients.

Intense Training Sessions

The first — and really the only — thing that the One87 promises, is to intensify your training sessions. They’ve supposedly mixed up all of their ingredients to make a monster Pre Workout supplement that will help you PUMP up in the gym — without it being just your regular Pre Workout.

One87 Pre Workout Review the Claims 2

Can such claims be believed? Well, let’s look a little closer at their “blend” to find out!

One87 Pre Workout Ingredients

Amino Acid blend

Yikes. The first thing that the One87 Pre Workout announces on their ingredient list is their Amino Acid blend. Now, you might be saying — “What’s so wrong about that?” Well, a lot. There’s a lot of things wrong with that.

One87 Pre Workout Review Amino Acid Blend

The thing with these kind of blends is that we don’t have any way of knowing what is actually inside of it. Sure, they give us the names of the ingredients, but there could be too little of one — or too much of another. AND we wouldn’t know! They don’t tell us, there is no way to know.

Nevertheless, let’s look at a couple of things that they included:

Beta Alanine

This is a problematic proprietary blend ingredient. Why? Because there is a chance that too much of it will result in uncomfortable side-effects (which we’ll talk about more later.) I would have definitely liked to know how much of it is inside the product.

One87 Pre Workout Review Beta Alanine

Especially because, as far as an ingredient goes — if properly dosed, Beta-Alanine can help boost your endurance — keeping you working out for longer periods at a time, but the incorrect dosing can causing disturbing side-effects.


I can see why they would want to hide this one. It’s not really a Pre Workout ingredient. It’s more of a nootropic — as it’s known to help improve your memory.

One87 Pre Workout Review L Tyrosine

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is a good ingredient. However, it won’t work unless you have the proper dosewhich is something most supplement companies seem to get wrong. Unfortunately, we have no reason to believe that the One87 Pre Workout would be any different. After all, they’re the ones that decided to stuff it inside of a prop. blend.

One87 Pre Workout Review Citrulline Malate

Creatine Monohydrate

The next one increases my expectations a little bit. Creatine Monohydrate is definitely one of the best things that can be put inside of a Pre Workout supplement. In fact, claims that it’s “necessary for getting results.”

One87 Pre Workout Review Creatine Monohydrate

What makes it so special? Well, Creatine Monohydrate is proven to promote lean muscle mass and increase in strength. It does this by pumping up the production of protein in your body. The One87 Pre Workout also does a stellar job at keeping it effective by making sure that it had the minimum dosage — it’s usually recommended at 3-5 grams.

Caffeine Anhydrous

They didn’t hold back with the caffeine in this one. The One87 Pre Workout uses 300mg of caffeine per dose. That’s the clinical dose. Which means, that any more would not be recommended.

One87 Pre Workout Review Caffeine Anhydrous

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that anyone who takes this might experience a couple of side-effects (will be discussed later.)

How to take One87 Pre Workout

The directions for taking the One87 Pre Workout are actually pretty simple. It doesn’t differ too drastically from other Pre Workouts that come in powdered form. The website even offers specific details on how much powder is required — per parts of water. That’s 15.46 grams of powder per 120 milliliters of water — to be taken once per day.

One87 Pre Workout Review How to Take

Now, the only thing that differs from this Pre Workout, that you might not see in others, is that it’s strictly for consumption once per day. Why is that and why is it a problem? Well, taking any more might lead to uncomfortable side-effects that could affect both your workouts and regular day-to-day activities. So, be careful!

Side Effects and Negatives of One87 Pre Workout

That brings us to our next topic. Is there anything inside of the One87 Pre Workout that is potentially harmful? The answer to that is a little bit tricky. Technically, all of the ingredients are 100% percent natural. However, certain ingredients — when taken improperly — can cause one or two of the following side-effects.

Energy Crashes

This is especially true for One87 Pre Workout than for other Pre Workouts. This is because of the 300mg of caffeine that it uses in its’ formula. That’s enough to get anyone twitchy and is not something I’d recommend to a beginner. Not all companies manage to get this right and unfortunately this one falls short of our standards.

One87 Pre Workout Review Side Effects 1


This is a mild, but sharp, tingling sensation in your arms and legs. The side-effect is harmless, however, people who are particularly sensitive to Beta Alanine would definitely prefer a supplement without it. As it is largely only for effect we definitely prefer products which don’t rely on this.

Stomach Upset & Diarrhea

This side-effect comes from one of the Vitamins, B5. Basically, too much of Vitamin B5 has been known to cause cramps and diarrhea.

One87 Pre Workout Review Side Effects 2

Again not exactly what we are looking for in a Pre Workout. It is a Pre Workout and not a Pre Toilet after all…

One87 Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Despite a couple of little hangups, the One87 Pre Workout is actually a pretty good supplement! It’s definitely one of the better ones out there. Even if it’s only for its use of ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine, Citrulline, etc.

It could definitely benefit in some “buttoning up.” For example, it would have been much better if they had forgone the proprietary blend and kept 100% honest about their product. They also used quite a few unnecessary ingredients that could have definitely been done away with.

Ultimately though, the One87 should provide moderate Pre Workout benefits. As mentioned, it performs a lot better than most, but it falls just a bit short on some things. If you want to see how the One87 compares to the best Pre Workout supplements on the market, then I recommend checking out our Top 3 Pre Workouts page.

The page will introduce you to only the best of the best Pre Workout Supplements. This includes the current #1 in the market — The 4 Gauge Pre Workout supplement.

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