Innov8 ELEV8 boasts that it can PUMP up your workouts with specially chosen premium ingredients. Of course, that’s what everyone else says! Our Innov8 ELEV8 Review will offer a comprehensive breakdown of everything that this supplement could potentially be hiding. 

If you actually look at the Innov8’s official website… well, you won’t see much. The Company’s ‘about us’ page, is literally as dry as a dessert. Which honestly? Doesn’t very bode very well for our first impression — but it is what it is. The Innov8’s product description page is a little bit more forthcoming, but still — very sparse.

innov8 eLEV8 Review Website Preview

So, the official website is ixnay on any actual info, but don’t worry! That’s what you’re here for. Let’s get started on our Innov8 Pre Workout Review breakdown.

The Claims

First up on our Innov8 Pre Workout Review, we’ll be looking at what the ELEV8 can actually do.

It’s a Pre Workout, but what does that mean? Well, that means that it’s supposed to BOOST your workouts. A proper Pre Workout will keep you going for a long time. It does this by providing ingredients that will either boost your energy or increase the distribution of oxygen and nutrients through better blood flow.

innov8 eLEV8 Review Energy Boost

Does the ELEV8 promise these things? Short Answer — yes.

However, the ELEV8 adds a special bonus to their formula. It promises that you won’t experience any crashes. Now, energy “crashes” are pretty normal for strong Pre Workout supplements and can almost be expected. BUT If the ELEV8 can actually prove that it can do all of the things that it promises? Then you better believe I’d be buying this stuff by boat load.

Let’s cut the suspense — is the ELEV8 actually any good? We’ll be looking at the ingredients next to find out!

Innov8 Pre Workout Ingredients


The first ingredient we’re going to be checking out is the Nitrosigine®. The little “ ® ” next to its’ name means that it’s patented — making it one of the special premium ingredients that the ELEV8 boasts about.

Unfortunately, it isn’t looking so hot. Nitrosigine is meant to increase the efficiency of blood flow, which will then allow for better “distribution of oxygen and nutrients.” This is, in part, through the use of ingredients like arginine and silicon.

innov8 eLEV8 review ineffective

However, both ingredients have actually been proven ineffective. Theory suggests that it could work, but it absorbs too poorly as a supplement to actually do anything.


Next up is the ElevATP® — another patented ingredient. However, unlike the Nitrosigine, it actually does work. Research has proven that it can boost strength, which will no doubt provide both better pumps and better muscles. There are suspicions on it being effective for fatigue as well. However, no concrete evidence has been released to the public.


Now, we’ll introduce you to the third — and final patented ingredient. This is the stimulant of the supplement. It provides a boost in energy using an ingredient called Green Coffee Bean.

innov8 eLEV8 review caffeine

Unfortunately, we’re not getting our groundbreaking “no energy crashes” solution here. Because, even if it provides a short-term energy boost, it would have been better to just use straight-up caffeine. After all, caffeine is more effective when it comes to pumping you up for your workouts.


Finally, our first non-patented ingredient!  Beta-Alanine is a common Pre Workout ingredient. No, seriously, you can see it everywhere! The thing is though, being everywhere, doesn’t mean that it’s any good.

innov8 eLEV8 review beta alanine

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is actually proven to extend training periods. However, it also comes with “mild-paresthesia.” This is a side-effect that turns a lot of people off from actually using it — we’ll talk more about why later.


Citrulline is another safe choice. It’s something that we can see in a lot of Pre Workout Supplements. You can use this mostly to improve your endurance. So, much like Beta-Alanine, it keeps you working out for longer periods at a time.

innov8 eLEV8 review l-citrulline

The thing is, the Innov8 Pre Workout doesn’t actually provide enough L-Citrulline for it to work. If it had used a proper dosage, then this would have been a good addition. BUT, since they’re missing a couple 1000 milligrams — this ingredient will remain ineffective because of poor dosage and there are others out there that dose correctly.

Vitamin B3

This is one of the three vitamins that they stuffed into the formula. It’s actually more commonly seen in Fat Burning supplements — for its believed effects on cholesterol. The fact that it’s inside of the Innov8 Pre Workout doesn’t really make sense, especially at such a low dose. All it does is play second fiddle to everything else.

How to take Innov8 Pre Workout

The company recommends that you take one-to-two scoops of the ELEV8 before working out. That’s pretty normal, they even specify the amount of water that you should mix it with (8-10 ounces) and when you should take it (20-30 minutes before physical activity.)

innov8 eLEV8 review dosage

The only catch here is that some of its ingredients are either poorly dosed or have generally poor absorption rates. Unfortunately, this would require that you either double (or even triple) your doses. Which is never good. After all, doing this will make you more vulnerable to side-effects and also end up costing you more. 

Side Effects and Negatives of Innov8 Pre Workout

That leads us to our next section. If you factor in the fact that you’re going to need at least two scoops for it to work, then you can count on one or two of the following side-effects.


We mentioned this before-hand when we were talking about Beta-Alanine, but let’s break it down now. Paresthesia comes in the form of tingles and itchiness. You’ll feel as if your body is burning.

innov8 eLEV8 review parasthesia

The type of paresthesia that comes with Beta-Alanine is mild and harmless, but people who are sensitive to it would definitely prefer not to use it.

Energy Crashes

Yes. Unlike what the Innov8 Pre Workout had initially promised, you are still liable to some energy crashes. The formula does still have caffeine (in the form of Green Coffee Bean), and having to take two scoops might make people who are sensitive to caffeine experience harsh energy crashes.

Innov8 Pre Workout Review Conclusion

To be 100% honest, this is a pretty okay supplement. I wasn’t very impressed with the so-called premium ingredients, but they are terrible. No, the ELEV8 should provide mild-to-moderate benefits. Especially, if you take it two scoops at a time — and find that the formula is compatible with your height and/or weight.

However, because of the premium ingredients (two of which the Innov8 could have totally done away with), the price for this supplement is… a lot. They’re asking around $40-50 dollars per container, and when you consider the actual benefits? Well, let’s just say that the numbers don’t exactly “match-up.”

innov8 eLEV8 review conclusion

Ultimately, the Innov8 Pre Workout falls just a couple of inches short of our expectations. Admittedly, our expectations are pretty high. We’ve been spoiled with stronger and more effective supplements.

If you’re interested in seeing a sampling of said supplements, then I’d recommend looking at our Top 3 Pre Workouts list. We feature only the best of the best there. That includes Pre Workouts like the 4 Gauge supplement, which is definitely reigning supreme with its foolproof PUMP-action formula.

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