This Bodyaction Pre HD Review will be breaking down everything there is to know about this popular Pre Workout Supplement. Now, as far as supplements go, this has actually been pretty low-key. There’s not a lot of hype around it — not in the English-speaking world at least.

Aesthetically though, it looks pretty good. It comes in a shiny black container decorated with pops of yellow and red. So, I can’t say that they’re doing horrible branding-wise, but I would have definitely appreciated being able to learn more about the supplement outside of what could be gleaned from google translate.

This is especially important in the International Market.

The company that makes the product is called BodyAction, and they called it Pre HD — a common enough name and one that we’ve seen before. Outside of that though, there really isn’t much else. At least, outside of what we’re told on the packaging.

It’s a bummer, but that won’t stop me from trying finding out everything there is to know about the Bodyaction Pre HD for you!

Bodyaction Pre HD Review Claims

So, let’s continue on with the review!

The Claims

The first thing we’re going to be diving into — are the company’s claims. That way, we can refer back to it as we break-down the actual ingredients and side-effects. At a quick glance, the Bodyaction Pre HD doesn’t seem to really go out of bounds when it comes to their claims.

It’s a lot of the normal stuff, but of course — whether or not the claims are big or small — one would still expect that they deliver those claims and whether they match your goals!

Let’s get continue on with out Bodyaction Pre HD Review and see what we got!

More Energy and More Strength

This is a common claim, one that a lot of Pre Workout supplements make. Usually through the use of ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate.

Now, will the Bodyaction Pre HD actually be able to deliver that claim? Well, that would depend on what kind of ingredients they’re using and whether or not those ingredients are effectively used.

Concentration & Endurance

The next claim is about concentration and endurance. Although concentration is not something people usually think about when they’re working out, it’s actually very important.

Especially if you’re looking to exercise for long periods at a time — you have to be able to focus on your training so that you can push yourself to do more.

Better Blood Flow — Vasodilation

This is a big-ticket item. A lot of Pre Workouts promise this, but not a lot are able to provide for it in a way that will actually be helpful. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it’s the release of nitric oxide in your veins to encourage better blood flow.

Bodyaction Pre HD Review Vasodilation

AND better blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles — which equals better muscles!

Post-Workout Recovery

Although this is not something that we see in the usual Pre Workout supplements, I can’t deny that it sounds fantastic. After all, longer workouts mean even more exhaustion.

So, if it works? Well then, we’d have ourselves a true winner.

Bodyaction Pre HD Review Ingredients


The first ingredient that we’re going to be covering is caffeine. This is a popular stimulant that we see everywhere. Of course, there is a good reason for this. Caffeine has proven to be universally effective when it comes to providing massive amounts of energy.

Bodyaction Pre HD Review Caffeine

The only downside to caffeine is its side-effects (which we will talk more about later on.)

However, it is something that you will have to concern yourself with — especially if you are thinking of taking this supplement. If only because the amount of caffeine inside of the Bodyaction Pre HD is enough to make anyone crash hard!


Arginine is an ingredient that has been linked to better blood flow. However, this kind of benefit was seen only in people who were diabetic — and only in doses of 3-6 grams.

Opposite of the previous ingredient, there’s actually too little of this ingredient to be effective.

Off to a bad start then.


Although this is an ingredient that I tend to see dancing around in other supplements, it’s not necessarily something that I expected to see here. Ironically enough, much like the previous ingredient, this has been suspected to work as an antidiabetic (unproven.)

The only thing Taurine has been scientifically linked to are cramps.

Actually, it’s proven to help prevent cramps — in doses of 500-2000 mg. Now, say we did want to use Taurine for that purpose, it still wouldn’t matter.

Because there’s not enough of it in this Pre Workout supplement to work.

Bodyaction Pre HD only offers 400mg per serving — which is much too little.


The last ingredient that we’re going to cover is Beta-Alanine. This is an ingredient that’s proven to help buffer fatigue and keeps you working out for longer periods at a time.

Now, much like the previous ingredient, there’s actually not enough in here to be effective. However, there is enough for potential side-effects (will be covered later on.) 

There is starting to be a bad pattern developing here.

How to take Bodyaction Pre HD Review

The Bodyaction Pre HD is taken in the same way that most Pre Workout supplements are taken. It comes in a powdered form that’s meant to be diluted in water. The recommended measurements are 1 scoop (5 grams) of powder and 250 milliliters of water.

This is to be taken 30-40 minutes before exercising.

BodyAction also recommends that you don’t take more than the regular dose (makes sense, considering the risks) and that you use ½ scoops of powder for lighter workouts.

Side Effects and Negatives of Bodyaction Pre HD Review

If you were to take the Bodyaction Pre HD at the recommended dose per day, then you should expect to experience one or two of the following side-effects.

Mild Paresthesia

This is a tingling or sharp burning sensation in your toes and fingers. There’s nothing harmful about it — outside of the uncomfortable sensation.

However, it’s definitely not recommended by us. Especially when they could have used other ingredients instead.

Energy Crashes

This side-effect is a sure thing. BodyAction went a little overboard with the caffeine content.

There’s enough of it in there to knock someone out from the crash. PLUS, you’ll be running the risk of insomnia and extreme twitchiness too.

It’s bad news all around.

Bodyaction Pre HD Review Review Conclusion

The Bodyaction Pre HD certainly tried its hand at being a Pre Workout supplement. After all, there’s no denying that it will provide both massive amounts of energy as well as better endurance.

However, it definitely missed its mark on a couple of things.

For example, some of the ingredients are unproven (making the claims related to said ingredients false) and most of them were underdosed.

The thing is, you can’t even up your dose (on the off-chance that you wanted to) because it would be much too risky with the high-caffeine content.

Bodyaction Pre HD Review Conclusion

So yeah, it tried, but it certainly doesn’t have enough to enter out top 3. If you’re looking for something to pump you out for your exercises, then I suggest that you look elsewhere.

Start with our Top 3 Pre Workouts list and get to know the leading Pre Workout supplements at this time!

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