Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review

Looking for an extreme cut? Well, this Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review will be breaking down all there is to know about a dietary product that’s claiming to rapidly promote fat loss. The product is produced in the UK by a company that calls itself Urban Fuel.

It promises that all of its products are highly regulated and made only from the best materials. However, there really isn’t much that we could learn about them.

They do have an official website where they sell all their products, but to be honest? Well, things are looking pretty bare.

I would have liked to know more about the company itself, but all that could really be gleaned is that they want to be Number 1.

That’s it, pretty common/generic stuff. As for the product itself, it comes in a fairly attractive silver container. One that’s decorated with pops of black and blue. It has that futuristic chrome appeal, which is nice, but not that important.

No, we’re here to talk about what it can do to help you lose weight. Is it any good? Is it dangerous?

Continue reading our Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review to find out!

The Claims

The first thing we’re going to cover is what it can do. Of course, these are all based on the company’s claims, but it should give you an idea as to what kind of product they’re promising.

Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review Claims

Later on, as we dive into the ingredients, we can discuss whether or not any of these claims are false.

For Everyday Consumers

One of the first things that the company advertises, is that their product is for regular people. So, people like you and me, or people that might just be starting out.

They’re pretty vague, but I can only assume that they want us to know that this can be used by anyone and everyone. No matter the level of experience, and perhaps even more so for people who are less experienced.

Rapidly Promotes Fat Loss

The next claim is pretty common for a Fat Burner. They extend this claim further by promising that your metabolism will be “… firing all day long.” Again, not uncommon, but something that most Fat Burner products are unable to fully get right.

Still, if it can provide even just the slightest increase in your metabolism then we’ll know that we got a great product.

Powerful Energy (no side-effects)

Most fat burners use stimulants in their products, which is why it isn’t surprising to see the Urban fuel T5 XTR do the same. After all, the more energy you have throughout the day, the more fat you’ll burn!

The T5 XTR extends this claim by promising none of the usual side-effects (jitters, energy crashes, etc.)

Appetite Control

Their last claim is appetite suppression. Now, believe it or not, not many supplements promise this kind of benefit. The best ones, like the Instant Knockout, do. So the fact that it’s here is making me have all sorts of high expectations.

Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review Appetite Control

Will the Urban Fuel T5 XTR be able to deliver? Well, let’s continue with the ingredient breakdown to find out!

Urban Fuel T5 XTR Ingredients


Quick disclaimer, this is definitely not a fat burning ingredient. However, it’s found in Fat Burners often enough. Supplement companies will claim that this is for its ability to decrease stress and improve memory, and that’s true.

However, it won’t really help you lose any weight.


The next ingredient is an energy stimulant. This is probably where the Urban Fuel T5 XTR’s claim of massive energy comes from, and boy oh boy — they weren’t kidding! There’s enough Caffeine here to power you for a whole day (and more.)

Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review Caffeine

Unfortunately, this comes as a double-edged sword. There’s enough caffeine in here to boost your energy, but there’s also more than enough to cause potential side-effects (which we will discuss in more detail later on.)


We run into our first potential fat burning ingredient. Now, as far as fat burning ingredients go, Grapefruit is not something that’s been fully proven to work. Research thus far has been inconclusive as to its fat burning effects. However, it has been used effectively at least once or twice before.

Vitamin B6

Our next ingredient is a Vitamin, specifically, Vitamin B6. Out of all the Vitamins, this has to be one of the better choices. After all, it’s been linked to our metabolic rates.

In simpler words, people who don’t have enough Vitamin B6 in their system has experienced trouble losing weight. Of course, people who aren’t deficient are unlikely to gain anything from it, but it’s still a nice little addition.


This is our last main ingredient, and to be completely honest? Well, I’m a bit disappointed. Now, don’t get me wrong, l-tryptophan is a pretty good nutrient to have. After all, it’s been linked to stuff like serotonin — which regulates both our mood and sleep. So, all in all? It’s not a bad ingredient.

However, it’s definitely not the appetite suppressant ingredient that I was expecting. Neither was it an ingredient that promises any real fat burn.

How to take Urban Fuel T5 XTR

So, suppose that you do bite the bullet and get yourself one of these. How do you take it? Well, it’s not really all that different from the regular stuff. Although, it is a bit lacking when it comes to the daily dosage.

I would prefer something that’s to be taken 3-4 times throughout the day — to ensure a 24/7 fat burn, but the Urban Fuel T5 XTR only recommends 1-2 per day.

They also note that you can up it to about 3 times if necessary, but I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Especially when you consider the risk of potential side-effects.

Side Effects and Negatives of Urban Fuel T5 XTR

The most worrying part about the Urban Fuel T5 XTR is the caffeine content. There’s enough caffeine in here to get anyone twitchy. That’s true for everyone — even people who take caffeine on the daily.

Now, this kind of reaction is unusual, especially when you look back to their initial claims. Here is are a couple of things that the caffeine content may cause:

  • Twitchiness: A jittery sensation that lingers and makes your body spasm uncontrollably.
  • Insomnia: Caffeine, when taken in the evening (or sometimes even in the afternoon) can make it harder for you to get sleep.
  • Energy Crashes: Although caffeine has been linked to more energy, taking too much of a time has been proven to drain you of all energy as well.

Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review Conclusion

We close up our Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review with our conclusion, and to be completely honest? It’s not all that good.

Urban Fuel T5 XTR Review Conclusion

I can say that there are good ingredients in here. Ingredients that can help you loosen up and boost your energy, but there’s nothing that is definitely going to help you lose weight.

Ultimately, the T5 XTR could have used a couple more proven fat burners or proven metabolism boosters. It definitely tried its best, but it can’t really compare to supplements like the Instant Knockout (the current Number 1 Fat Burner.)

If you’re looking for something to help you lose weight, then I suggest that you look at some of our pages. Try checking out our Top 3 Fat Burners list, that should help you get an idea as to what a good fat burner is like and what we rate at the moment.

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