Our San Shredded Review will be introducing you to a fat burner that claims to help you get shredded in a couple of days. Our current favourite doesn’t claim such a thing so is that even possible? Well, that’s what we’re going to be finding out today.

The SHREDDED fat burner (as the product is called), is manufactured by the SAN company.  

They’re not a complete unknown but not that prominent. They’ve been around for a while, and that’s enough to have gotten them a decent standing in the industry. Certainly one we trust. 

Shredded Goals
Shredded Goals

When we read their website there wasn’t much that could be learned. They offered a couple of pages about the people that back them (suspiciously people that they sponsor to advertise their product.)

However, there wasn’t anything immediately available when it came to the company itself.

As for the product itself, it comes in a no-nonsense black, red, and yellow. It’s not completely out there or unique, but it’s also not boring. They definitely did their best with creating something that would be more likely picked off the shelves. Good job.

Anyways, looks aside! Let’s continue on with our San Shredded Review! First up, let’s talk about what they say…

The Claims

What can it do for you? How will it help you? Of course, some are a little clearer about their claims than others.

The San Shredded, for example, had a frustratingly long description that made me nod off, fortunately for you though I have summarized it all below.

Safe Water Loss

This immediately makes me think of a diuretic. Which, just to be completely transparent, is not something I would recommend you take. Diuretics are ingredients that increase dehydration. 

The use of this kind of ingredient in fat burner supplements irritates me. Because it makes you think that you’re losing weight.

Questionable Weight Loss Claims
Questionable Weight Loss Claims

However, it really is just a gimmick, because the water weight will come back, and you might face serious consequences from constant dehydration.

Unless you are a body builder looking to compete I would not recommend you think about this when evaluating a Fat Burner.

Electrolyte Balance

This claim makes me feel a little bit more at ease with the first claim. However, it still makes me uneasy.

Restoring Electrolytes?
Restoring Electrolytes?

So, they plan to help you lose water weight, but somehow keep your electrolytes (salts and minerals in the blood) balanced? It’s definitely something that requires investigation.

Weight Management

This is more on-par with what most weight supplements promise, and if you ask me? I find it fishy that they have this for their third claim.

Shouldn't this be higher?
Shouldn’t this be higher?

This should be front-and-center. After all, a fat burner is meant to help you burn fat, not lose water weight.

Natural Ingredients

Although this is an attractive claim for some, many supplements these days make up perfectly natural ingredients. These are clean and (for the most part) safe. The thing is though, even natural ingredients can cause problems when used improperly.

All Natural
All Natural

Will the San Shredded be one of those negligent supplements? Let’s find out in the ingredient breakdown of our San Shredded Review!

San Shredded Ingredients

Dandelion Extract

This is one of those gimmicky ingredients that I loathe seeing inside of fat burner supplements. The thing is though, it doesn’t surprise me that the SAN Shredded included this in their formula. They did promise substantial water loss, which dandelion extract does provide.

Dandelion Extract
Dandelion Extract

However, this dehydration effect is definitely not optimal, and is one of the worst ways of losing weight. It’s a shame then that this is their main ingredient. We’ve seen it all before.

Uva Ursi

The next highly dosed ingredient is a plant extract that has been touted as a urinary cleaner. I suppose they aim to use this to help balance electrolytes.

Uva Ursi - Unproven Addition
Uva Ursi – Unproven Addition

However, such effects have not been proven to be scientifically accurate. It also shows no promise as a fat burner.

Green Tea Extract

With this, we finally reach an ingredient that we can 100% endorse. Green Tea is one of the best fat burning ingredients on the market. It’s been proven to boost metabolism effectively in several studies.

A Cornerstone Ingredient
A Cornerstone Ingredient

However, the SAN Shredded is under dosed. They only have 200 milligrams for their daily dosage, which is less than half what is recommended (daily dose of 400-500 mg.) Ultimately, that means we look at others which have dosed correctly)


Another good ingredient in this supplement, is the caffeine. It’s a proven to work Fat Burner (limited-use only) and has been known to effectively boost energy as well. Keeping your energy levels up can be crucial if you are also hitting the gym while shredding.

A Favorite
A Favorite

The SAN shredded keeps their dose fairly low (100 mg), so you might feel an extra buzz, but nothing big enough to cause side-effects, bu also under dosed in our opinion to keep you on your feet.

We usually like at least 300 mg of caffeine if it is included.

How to take San Shredded

The oddest thing about this supplement is how they instruct that you take SEVEN pills after breakfast. Yes 7. I don’t know about you… but taking the recommended 3-4 doses throughout the day is enough for me. 7 is something I will forget, even if it works.

How Many Pills?
How Many Pills?

But here they are asking us to take all SEVEN pills at once? That’s ridiculous. They also instruct that you drink a ton of water along with it. Which pretty much confirms the whole premise of this being a water-weight-loss option and not an actual fat burner.

Our current favorite Fat Burner Instant Knockout is a much more manageable 4. 

Side Effects and Negatives of San Shredded

The biggest negative about the San Shredded is its ultimate side-effect. This side-effect comes hand-in-hand with the fat burner’s biggest claim. That is…


Dehydration, on its own, is already a big problem. Maybe you work out a little too long or sweat too much in the sun. Either way, it’s something that you have to deal with constantly if you’re looking to get fit!

The fact that you can heighten that risk by taking this fat burner — which uses a diuretic (dandelion extract), is not something we recommend.

Risk Not Worth It
Risk Not Worth It

The company does warn against using any more than the recommended 7 capsules, and they also ask that you drink at least 1 gallon of water daily, but that doesn’t take away the unnecessary risk we don’t want to take.

San Shredded Review Conclusion

The San Shredded wasn’t really what I thought it would be, and so our San Shredded Review ends a little strange. I’m not sure that this product can technically be called a fat burner, although the inclusion of ingredients like Green Tea and Caffeine makes it seem like one.

Ultimately, it was a good try. Obviously, what they were aiming for was just a little bit too different. Unless you are a pro body builder I’d say this isn’t the product for you for general fat loss.

It’s effective in that sense. So effective that you are opening yourself up to the risk of dehydration (should you decide to take it.) BUT it really isn’t that effective of a fat burner.

All of the traditional fat burning ingredients are under dosed, which practically makes them ineffective.

Not Our Favorite
Not Our Favorite

To conclude. I cannot say that this is something I would personally use nor recommend. There are others on the market that are longer established and do it all much better. Hopefully SAN try again and reformulate around Green Tea and Caffeine…

However, if you’re still looking for a fat burner that will actually help you shred fat, then check out our current favorite (the #1 Fat Burner — Instant Knockout.)

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