Looking for a fat burner that can cut away that extra bit of fat? Well, you’re in for luck! Our Nutrisport Cut and Burn Review will be breaking down one of the up-and-coming fat burners in today’s market.

Now, up-and-coming or not, information on this fat burner is pretty sparse. It’s not something that’s been reviewed to death, or at all really. However, it’s been making solid sales on Amazon and so we will be covering it for you.

Cut and Burn is branded under the name Nutrisport and is produced somewhere in the UK. It sells for pretty cheap and offers a ton of pills in return. In fact, this has to be one of the most pills I’ve seen in a container thus far, good value for money or a lot of crap?

All in all, there are 300 dietary tablets stuffed inside of this plain white and purple container. Which, by the way, doesn’t look all that special — but they had probably needed to cut the cost somewhere.

Let’s just hope that they didn’t cut cost on ingredients as well. Cheap or not, if it doesn’t work, It doesn’t work.

Continue reading our Nutrisport Cut and Burn Review to find out more!

The Claims

The Nutrisport Cut and Burn makes a couple of pretty strong claims. They seem pretty proud of it too! Of course, whether these claims are to be believed will depend on the actual ingredients — but we’ll talk more about that later on.

Nutrisport Cut and Burn Claims

First, let’s check out what they’re promising.


The first thing they promise is supposed thermogenic benefits. Now, if you’re not familiar with the term thermogenic, it basically talks about ingredients that can burn fat.

Nutrisport Cut and Burn thermogenic

These are ingredients that can help you lose weight, usually by heating up your body without you doing anything and also attempting to boost your metabolism.

Strong Fat-Burning Compounds

This kind of promised effect is pretty commonplace for a fat burner, but again, whether or not this is true will depend on their choice of ingredients. There’s not much of a difference between this claim and the previous, which kind of speaks of overcompensation — but it is what it is.

They also make similar claims further down the line, basically the same kind of promises — just rehashed to look different.


Unlike the other claims, this is one that we can actually confirm. The Nutrisport Cut and Burn is available for sale on Amazon, and it goes for pretty cheap. Specifically, you get the 300-tablet package for only 10.50 Euros. That’s less than half the price of even the cheapest of supplements.

So yes. There’s no denying its affordability. As for other things? Well, those remain to be seen. One of the better things about the Nutrisport Cut and Burn is that they didn’t go overboard with their ingredients or claims.

There’s no real promise of massive weight loss, or even of the usual add-ons like energy boosts or appetite suppression. No, they don’t claim to be anything more than a weight loss supplement.

Is it an effective one? Well, let’s look at the ingredients and check.

Nutrisport Cut and Burn Ingredients


The first ingredient is a stimulant. One that we see in Fat Burner supplements often enough. It’s not a fat burner ingredient, but we see it often because of its energy boosting effects. In fact, research has proven that Guarana contains even more caffeine than your average coffee beans.

Which is even better if you’re looking for something that can pep you up for your workouts. Of course, as good as caffeine is at pumping you up for the day, it also comes with its fair share of side-effects (which we’ll cover later on.)

Caffeine Anhydrous

We get a double-dose of caffeine with the Nutrisport Cut and Burn because they added even more caffeine with Caffeine Anhydrous. This version is just pure caffeine, and Nutrisport decided to pack in around 200 milligrams of it into their formula.

Nutrisport Cut and Burn Caffeine Anhydrous

That’s usually not so bad, in fact, that’s what we recommend to most beginners that are just starting out. However, as we already mentioned, too much caffeine results in increased risk for potential side-effects.

So, the double-dose of caffeine isn’t really the best choice.


This is an ingredient that’s found in a lot of supplements and has actually been proven to provide adequate fat burn. Saying that though, this only works for people who are L-carnitine deficient and only in doses of 500-2000mg.

That means, that the 100mg inside of the Nutrisport Cut and Burn is too little to be effective.

Citrulline Malate

This is a bit of an odd-ball ingredient. It’s something that we see in a lot of Pre-Workout supplements, but not so much for Fat Burner products. Still, it’s been proven to increase your endurance levels and decrease your levels of fatigue in doses of 6,000 – 8,000 mg.

I don’t know what the Nutrisport Cut and Born intended with the measly 100mg in their formula, but it’s not enough to be effective.

How to take Nutrisport Cut and Burn

The instructions for the Nutrisport Cut and Burn are a little strange but specific. The company recommends that you take one capsule before working out, one capsule in the morning, and one capsule in the afternoon. The strange part isn’t the recommended daily dosage, but that they request that you take it one day and don’t take it the next.

That’s not something we see in a lot of Fat Burners, but that is how they instruct their consumers to take it.

Either way, at 3 tablets per day, there are 100 servings per container.

Side Effects and Negatives of Nutrisport Cut and Burn

The only thing that catches our eye as dangerous is the caffeine content. The other ingredients are too lowly dosed to cause any worries. However, there’s enough caffeine in here to potentially cause one of the following side-effects.

  • Energy Crash: Too much caffeine has been related to quick bursts of energy followed by exhausting crashes — that drain you completely.
  • Jitters: Taking too much caffeine has also been linked to twitchiness.
  • Insomnia: Taking caffeine throughout the day could potentially disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Nutrisport Cut and Burn Review Conclusion

We conclude our Nutrisport Cut and Burn Review with a couple of answers. Is the Cut and Burn affordable? Yes, very much so. There are enough tablets per container to last you for up to four months — which is not something that many supplements can promise to provide.

Will it help you burn fat? That’s a maybe, a maybe that’s bordering on a hard ‘no.’ There are enough stimulants in here to pump you up for exercising, but if you don’t put in the actual effort? Well, then this is practically useless.

The best part of the Cut and Burn supplement is that it didn’t try to be anything more than what it is. It sells for cheap and is effective at boosting your energy, but it doesn’t compare to true fat burners.

Nutrisport Cut and Burn Conclusion

We feel it is a little confused about what kind of product it is.

If you’re still looking for a supplement to cut down fat? Then start by checking out our Top 3 Fat Burners List. You’ll only find ones with proven ingredients that we have put to the test and recommend ourselves.

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