In our Mancore Total Fat Burn Complete Nutrition Review we will cover whether it melts through your fat without decreasing your performance.

As you know this is a common claim in a very crowded marketplace so let’s see how it compares to our current favorite pick.

Mancore Total Fat Burn has a powerful name and a rock solid set of aims. It states it’s there to help transform your physique using your body’s own ability.

They say that it has been specially formulated to act with your body and presumably get the results you desire.

Fat Loss Goals

This product is from Complete Nutrition, the same company which specializes in an great array of products from Pre-Workouts and Fat Burners to Testosterone Support.

Their ethos is to get great results by adding a supplement to a healthy regime and don’t promise a miracle pill (very good to hear).

We wanted to know whether it can do this and, If it can, if it’s good value for money and safe. Unfortunately, as you will read, it does not live up to all of these criteria, and in some concerning ways.

The Claims

Before we examine the claims in more details we have to point-out the obvious fact that this is a proprietary blend.

We say this as we will be evaluating the effectiveness of these ingredients, but, without knowing exactly how much of the ingredients is in the product.

At Physique Developer we are never in favor of secrets when it comes to things we put in our body.

Not so transparent ingredients

Anyway, with that negative out of the way, let’s take a look at the product.

Increases Energy:

This is one of the primary stated benefits on the company’s website, but they don’t go in to any detail as to how Mancore total Fat Burn does this.

On top of this lack of claims they also don’t offer up any scientific evidence of how the product does this or how they have proven the claim.

However, looking in more detail at the ingredients we can see that it contains a number of stimulants, some of which are the bedrock of the best in this category (so far so good), and so we can infer this is what they must mean.

There are many similar products in this category

We will cover the ingredients in more detail a little further down, but the key ones we have identified for this category are Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana and Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Some of the ingredients listed could also fit into either of the following categories also.

Supports Body Fat Loss:

On the Mancore Total Fat Burn product page it states that this product promotes preferential fat burning (over muscle) and does this without any adverse side effect on your heart rate.

The key ingredient they mention for this is Synephrine, often referred to as Bitter Orange.

Bitter Orange – A worrying inclusion

This has been linked to very good results for fat loss, but, we are very concerned with its addition in this blend as it has been linked to a number of dangerous side effects. Again see the ingredients section below for a more detailed breakdown of this.

Metabolism Support:

The best products in this category aid your body’s own natural metabolism usually by a process known as Thermogenics. Your body naturally burns calories to produce heat.

There are certain environmental things which influence this process. Some of these are exercise, ambient room temperature and diet.

With Fat Loss Supplements we are most concerned with the thermogenic affect that diet, or consumption of a pill, can have on this rate.

Thermogenics increases your normal calories burnt

The company themselves don’t go into any detail as to how Mancore Total Fat Burn contributes to this process and by how much it helps. However, we can identify a number of the products which should help this process, even if their value is unproven.

These are; White Willow Bark Extract, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

The Ingredients

Green Tea Extract:

This is one of our personal favorites to go in any Fat Burning Supplement. While Green Tea may have a reputation for being a soothing mild soothing drink the active ingredient in this is one of the best for fat loss.

Green Tea Extract

The secret to its success is the proven antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is a type of catechin. These work by increasing your core body temperature after eating a meal.

This process has been clinically proven to reduce your body fat in a safe and natural way. The adding of EGCG gets a big thumbs up from us. Lets see if the rest of the stack is as convincing.

Caffeine Anyhdrous:

Caffeine in Fat Burning Supplements works in three key ways. The first is to combat the loss of energy you may potentially feel from reduced foot intake.

The second is to increase the thermogenic process and the third is to actually suppress your appetite for a time.

Caffeine in our favorite form

The key to unlocking these key benefits of caffeine is the correct dosage. If the dosage is too low then it won’t activate any of the amazing benefits of this ingredient, if It’s too high then the familiar shakes kick-in at a time when you are potentially already feeling weaker. Not good.

As we have stated before we don’t know how much caffeine is in this product as the ‘Fat Burning Complex’ is a secret. What this means is that we cannot guarantee that this dosage will be effective, safe or stable for you.

So, good to see it on the list, but it fails to get our seal of approval here.

Guarana Seed Extract:

This South American seed is commonly found in the Amazon Rain Forest. Long used by the tribes who share its name it’s now very popular in a lot of Weight Loss Pills.

Guarana Growing

The primary active ingredient in this is caffeine. Already in included on this list we know that caffeine aids weight loss in 3 main ways; As an appetite suppressant, as an energy booster and as a thermogenic booster.

The exact dosage is person dependant and in trials Guarana has been linked to a number of side effects including jitters, anxiety, headaches, heartburn to name but a few.

We suggest you talk to a doctor regarding this ingredient, especially as Caffeine Anyhdrous is already on the list as is Green Coffee Bean.

A slightly risky inclusion on the list in our opinion and probably not necessary when looking at the other ingredients.  Unfortunately this isn’t the only inclusion in this product’s ingredients we are concerned about.

Which leads us on to…


The most controversial ingredient in the list. Synephrine, often commonly referred to as Bitter Orange, has been proven to promote weight loss.

Extracted from the peel of oranges it has been included in supplements since the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned ephedra from products.

Synephrine – A worrying inclusion

These proven results come at a cost. When mixed with caffeine, which this product certainly contains, Synephrine can cause an increased heart rate and blood pressure in previously health individuals.

Both of this are linked to increased instances of Heart Attack, Stroke and other Cardiovascular issues.

This will certainly effect our overall rating of this product.

White Willow Bark Extract:

White Whillow Bark Extract’s inclusion in many Fat Burner Supplements is a strange one. It has not been directly studied with regards to fat loss. Therefore it can’t be said that this works.

This ingredient has been shown to have some medical usage though, just unrelated.

White Willow Bark – Another concerning addition

The active ingredient is the prodrug Salicin. When reduced to its pure state it’s known as Salicin Acid. This when combined with flavonoids and polyphenols makes White Willow Bark a useful anti-Inflammatory and and pain reliever.

A very useful alternative to people who have an inability to take aspirin, but certainly not a reason to put it in a Weight Loss Supplement.

Yohimbe Bark Extract:

Derived from the bark of the West African tree, the Yohimbe, this Ingredient is another surprise inclusion on the list.

A blood vessel dilator, it has been used to treat erectile disfunction, but scientific research into any positive effect on a person’s weight is inconclusive.

Potentially good for erections but not fat loss

The general advice is to speak to your doctor before taking this one. Just like Synephrine above, It has been linked to an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

This one is being added to a lot of Fat Loss Supplements recently and we are certainly happy to see its inclusion

Green Coffee Bean – A safe and good ingredient

Unlike normal coffee beans which go through the roasting process ready for human consumption, Green Coffee Bean Extract is saved that process and therefore still contain their main active ingredient, Chlorogenic Acid.

This acid has been shown to positively inhabit the absorption of carbohydrates and also reduce the amount of fat stored by the liver. A welcome addition to this supplement.

Ginger Root Extract:

A common spice in Asia this has been linked to a whole host of medical benefits from anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic (pain blocking) among others.

Studies has shown that this tackles two of the three key aims of any good Fat Loss Supplement.

Ginger Root – A powerful multipurpose ingredient

Firstly it has been proven that this has an affect on your body as a thermogenic agent, allowing you to burn calories in the background without any effort required.

Secondly it has more recently been show that it has a positive affect on your satiety – perception of fullness. By tackling this you are reducing the urge to eat in general and should reduce the number of occasion a person wishes to eat.

Vitamin B3:

A cornerstone of a balanced diet, Vitamin B3, or Niacin, aids in lowering bad cholesterol levels and also goes towards reducing cardiovascular risks.

Vitamin B3 – Found in many food sources

It has no direct link to fat loss but it’s a nice addition, especially if you don’t consume enough of the foods it naturally occurs in such as Turkey, Peanuts, Mushrooms, Liver or Avocado.

Vitamin B6:

Also known as Pyridoxine, this is another fundamental part of a balanced diet.

Poor levels of this vitamin can negatively affect your mood making you more likely to give into temptation during those tough moments.

Vitamin B6 is important for sleep

Low levels of Niacin is also linked to poor sleep which has a massively negative affect on all areas of your life, not just willpower.

Another good addition to this supplement.

Vitamin B12:

This vitamin can also be listed as Cobalamin. A key part of red blood cell production in your body  which aids in oxygen transportation.

Vitamin B12 aids Red Blood Cell Production

This can increase your energy levels, helps the central nervous system and contributes to your general health.

Like the other B Vitamins in this product, a nice addition if not directly linked to Weight Loss.

How to Take it

The aims of Mancore Total Fat Burn is to hit your desire to eat, burn off the calories you do consume easier, and keep you alert and able at the same time. No mean feat.

Complete Nutrition say to take 2 a maximum of two capsules a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We like the the spacing out of the doses but prefer products that have smaller doses more evenly spaced throughout the day.

The reason for this is that by spacing out the active ingredients we are constantly aided throughout the day, especially with the hunger suppressing and energy boosting properties, rather than getting a large dump less frequently.

Therefore we like the idea of it not just being one pill in the morning, but feel the product missed an opportunity at better spacing-out the dosage throughout the day with three or four pills instead.

Side Effects

Complete Nutrition themselves state that you should should not take the product take this product if you have any known medical conditions or are pregnant.

The addition of Synephrine and caffeine together can mean that even those without pre-existing medical conditions may experience dangerous side effects from taking this product.

We suggest that you speak to your doctor before taking this product and get their opinion before consuming.

The addition of caffeine in this product, suggested to be around the 200mg mark by the company, again may affect those who aren’t used to coffee or tea consumption or those who are sensitive to caffeine.

If you do decide to take this product we suggest you start with a half dose and see how the caffeine effects you before going to the full recommended dose.

The Negatives

The biggest negative with Mancore Total Fat Burn is the inclusion of a number of stimulants and ingredients which could well have a concerning effect on your cardiovascular health.

Like many products this has not been tested for its effects and has no scientific evidence to back-up its claims.

We previously mentioned that it is a proprietary blend. This means that we can’t say how much of the active and useful ingredients are in this and also how much of the more concerning ingredients are too.

The positive side of this is that perhaps the levels of the more concerning Synephrine and Yohimbe Bark Extract are low, but the negative is that the useful ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Ginger Root may are also under-dosed. We can’t say.

For 120 capsule you will pay $74.99 ($64.99 with a member discount). As we are prepared to pay more for a premium product which works, this fairly high price tag does not actually bother us. So this may be a negative for some but not for us.

The key story here is the appearance of Synephrine. Its appearance in the ingredients list does not just get a thumbs down from us, it’s a deal breaker when it comes to the product.


The takeaway from this product is that we really liked some of the ingredients in this product such as Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Ginger Root, to name but a few.

But, the inclusion of some very concerning ingredients massively hinders our endorsing of this product.

This product has a lot of potential and we are very keen to see what Complete Nutrition do next.

We really hope that they remove some of the more concerning ingredients from this product and then we would be more than happy to review and re-evaulate its overall rating again.

For now this product only gets a three out of five from us and has some way to go before dethroning our current favourite.

Read our current favorite here to see why we like it so much and where Mancore Total Fat Burn went wrong. 

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