LA Muscle Couture Curves Review

It’s not just about gaining muscle or losing weight, sometimes it can be about cutting off that extra bit of fat that lingers around your curves. Well, our LA Muscle Couture Curves Review is setting out to investigate a dietary supplement that promises to do just that!

LA Muscle is based in the USA, and they seemed to have established themselves as well as a supplement company. They make supplements of all types — including but not limited to, testosterone boosters, pre-workouts, post-workouts, protein, etc.

LA Muscle Couture Curves Review Claims 1

The Couture Curves is just one of their fat burning products, this one (specifically) aimed at women rather than men. Of course, I checked out their official website myself. Which, by the way, looks very professional but is lacking when it comes to company flavor.

Fortunately, their product page was enough to kick-start our La Muscle Curves Review, so we’re well on our way to finding out “how it works” and if so “why it works.” Continue reading to find out more!

The Claims

The first thing we’re going to be looking at is the company’s claims. What are they promising and how are they hoping to accomplish it?

LA Muscle LA Muscle Couture Curves Review Claims 2

Proprietary Fat Burning/Weight Loss Formula

To be honest, this kind of promise doesn’t really make me feel like I should invest in the product, already. Proprietary blends have an awful rep in the industry. If only because the term is used to hide the true effectiveness of the ingredients by keeping their dosage a complete secret.

Fortunately, the LA Muscle Couture Curves reveals the dosages on their website, but the word proprietary still doesn’t offer me much confidence. Wording aside, LA Muscle Couture Curves promises to power their formula with 6 proven-to-work ingredients. All of which serve their own purpose.

Appetite Control

This is something that some Fat Burners will promise, but not all will be able to deliver. Still, Couture Curves claims that one of their six ingredients will be able to provide this benefit. They don’t specify which one, but we’ll be going through each separately later to work it out for you.

Metabolism Regulation

Another false step and we are only 2 claims in. They’re promising to control your metabolism rather than boost it. Either way we know what they mean.

They also follow this claim with the promise of shifting body fat and increasing your body’s ability to burn fat. Much like the previous claim, we’re going to be checking the validity of this in the ingredient breakdown.

Improving Mood

Fat Burners don’t always advertise their mood stabilizing benefits, but this one does. Now, although this kind of benefit is not necessary for a fat burner supplement, one can still say that it’s not a bad addition to a fat burning formula.

For Women

The LA Muscle Couture Curves made their product to be gentler to suit the needs of women who are just looking to lose fat — not gain muscle.

It’s designed to achieve that curvy look, not necessarily toned. You get what I mean, but they promise that their formula is both gentle and strong. Strange right?!, but hey, perhaps they’ll manage it.

Let’s dive into the ingredient breakdown.

LA Muscle Couture Curves Ingredients

Green Tea

LA Muscle claims to use this ingredient as a natural stimulant/metabolic rate booster. I’m glad to say that neither of those claims are wrong!

LA Muscle Couture Curves Review Green TEa

There’s enough caffeine in Green Tea to act as a mild stimulant. Plus, the presence of compounds called Catechins has been proven to effectively boost metabolism.

However, there’s not enough in here to work. The Couture Curves Fat Burner only has 150mg per serving. That’s a lot less than the recommended 400-500mg.

The good part is, that if you take their maximum recommended dose, then it should be enough.


As far as ingredients go, this isn’t necessarily one of my favorites, but it works. Well, it works for some. Choline is a nutrient that helps transport fat in the body.

Basically, it gets it from point A to point B. As such, people who are choline deficient have bodies that are far more likely to cling to certain areas of the body.

In that way, it helps promote more fat burn. However, it only really works for people who are choline deficient. Plus, the studies were choline had been proven effective were when it was dosed at 2000mg or higher.

The LA Muscle Couture Curves only has 100mg. Which is too little to be effective — even if you took the maximum dose. Close but no cigar here.


The stimulants inside of Couture Curves comes from Guarana. This is a substance that has been proven to offer a lot more caffeine than just regular coffee beans — making it a pretty effective energy booster.

There’s 100 mg per capsule, that makes it 300 mg per day. That’s an overwhelming amount and is going to cause side-effects.


This is a bit of an oddball. LA Muscle claims that it’s an effective appetite suppressant, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s known for its nootropic capabilities, but has hot been proven as an appetite surpressant. We like facts to back up the claims.


Cayenne is a great ingredient. It’s known for its thermogenic (fat burning effects) and has been proven effective in several studies.

LA Muscle Couture Curves Review Cayenne

It also works in low doses. So, overall, a good choice on their part.

How to take LA Muscle Couture Curves

Earlier we kept talking about the maximum dose, and this is something that we do recommend you follow — if you want it to work. LA Muscle recommends it too, asking you to take 3 capsules per day (one before each meal.)

LA Muscle Couture Curves Review How To Take

There are 60 capsules per container, which equals to 20 servings — good for 20 days.

Side Effects and Negatives of LA Muscle Couture Curves

The Couture Curves contains quite a bit of caffeine, and there’s enough of it in here to cause one or two of the following side-effects. Now, the only way one can avoid these side-effects is if you limit your daily dosage. Not taking it during the evening might also help for insomnia, but not much else.

  • Jitters: Caffeine is known to induce restlessness and anxiety.
  • Insomnia: Taking caffeine too close to bedtime might cause sleep disturbance.
  • Energy Crash: Too much caffeine at a time can result in an energy crash that will rob you of all your energy.

LA Muscle Couture Curves Review Conclusion

Now, despite my barrage of complaints, the Couture Curves delivered on some of its bigger promises. It offered great fat burning ingredients like Cayenne and metabolism boosters like Green Tea. We like to see these in our Fat Burners and see these as a cornerstone of any good product.

LA Muscle Couture Curves Review Conclusion

It did however contain some ingredients we don’t believe are necessary and also under-dosed on others. We are also concerned about the potential for jitters from this Fat Burner. These are tough things to get right, but others out there actually have.

Ultimately, it’s not the best but it’s not the worst. However, if you want something powerful and proven, well, then I’d recommend you check out our Top 3 Fat Burners list instead.

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