Any woman that’s looking to shape herself up will consider Testosterone Boosters at least once or twice throughout her fitness journey. Which brings up the question — Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters? It would be easy to say that — no, they don’t. Especially if they’re not looking to develop male characteristics. However, is that actually true, do they work and can they work for me?

Well, with this article, I’m looking to clear up any misconceptions that you might have. I myself struggled to understand it at first. After all, it’s easier to assume that added testosterone will affect a woman the same way it does a man!

BUT — and this is a big but. It actually does not.

The human body is complicated, and the dynamics between each gender is even more so. As much as people like to tout that we are all created equally that’s not necessarily true. ALSO, before you go all feminist/meninist on me — chill! Just because we’re not made to be the same, doesn’t mean that one is better than the other! It just so happens that a woman’s body reacts differently than that of a male. That’s not really that much of a shocker, especially when you consider what it takes to get us there.

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters Hormones

Anyways! Enough with the vague-ramblings, let’s get down to the science of it all!


This is a general shock to everyone, but women have naturally occurring testosterone too! Of course, it just so happens that men have more of it, but us gals have our own fair share of testosterone.

Our bodies produce our limited share inside of our ovaries, and this is then passed through our bloodstream to be used elsewhere. That sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes, and no — but before we go further, let’s answer this question first…

What are hormones?

We all kind of just know what they are. After all, this is something that features heavily in our developmental years — as teenagers. Not only because of school but because puberty just so happens to kick-start our hormones — and forgets to turn it off until many mistakes have been made. Either way, everyone should have a general idea of what hormones are, but let’s break things down a bit.

So, what are they? Short answer —  they’re chemicals.

Metaphorical answer? — They’re text messages.

Basically, hormones are chemicals produced by different tissues in our body and sent to other parts. They act like text messages. They send information to these tissues and tell it to do something. This something covers just about everything, including — but not limited to our ability to sleep, grow, think, feel, etc. They don’t necessarily control these things, but they’re an important part of the process — this is true for both men and women.

The thing is, for something so important, our hormone levels tend to fluctuate intensely. Sometimes we might make more of something — sometimes less. Either way, as men and women often find, our hormone levels peak at puberty and tend to decrease as we age. This will then affect the bodily functions that require these messages in order to activate. Which, as you can imagine, is not a good thing overall.

Types of Hormones

Now that we’ve discussed the overall importance of hormones, let’s dig a little more and get down to the specifics. Most hormones are divided into two subtypes. The feminine side and the masculine side. Again, I’m not here to step on any toes! That’s just how they’re referred to by the general science community!

Estrogen: These are the hormones that are largely considered as feminine. If only because they help activate characteristics that are often found in women. These processes could include menstruation, pregnancy, breast enlargements, milk production, etc.

Androgen: On the other side of the tracks are androgens. These are the masculine hormones — in charge of things like penile size, hair growth, muscular growth, etc.

I’m certain you can already guess the category in which Testostosterone falls into. But yes — it’s an androgenic hormone. One that is linked to prominently male characteristics. However, it’s something that does exist in women, Again, women just tend to have less of it, but it’s still there!

Testosterone in Women

This is how we usually process testosterone — if you take testosterone you gain lots of muscles. This is, in fact, true for men. However, that’s not the way it works for women! explains this concept particularly well about their blog on “Breaking the Myth” when it comes to the increase of testosterone in females.

Taking testosterone boosters as a woman won’t lead to any monstrous gains — it just doesn’t work like that for us. Some people also believe that taking testosterone will lead to women growing large burly muscles or crazy amounts of armpit hair.

Well, fortunately for us, that’s not how it works!

What Do Testosterone Boosters Do for Women?

Let’s cover what’s on everyone’s mind first — will it help you gain muscle? This is the crux of it of course, and the indefinite answer to the question “Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters?” We already partially answered this in the previous section but the final answer is — yes and but.

Yes, testosterone can lead to significant muscular gains in women.

But, this won’t come close to the kind of results that we see in men.

However, and this is the important part here — it does help. It helps, and it doesn’t do any harm. Taking testosterone boosters is a good way of balancing the hormones inside of your body. It puts things back in proper order.

Women who have too little testosterone will experience a number of things — the most prominent of which, according to WebMD, is reduced libido. One might also experience added stress, weight gain, and even strong de-motivation. These things are just not good overall, which makes taking testosterone a good and natural way of putting things back into its proper place.

Increase in Libido

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest things related to too little testosterone is a mild-to-severe reduction in libido. This might seem superfluous to some. After all, women naturally (as they age) express less and less desire for sex. However, for those who do not want to face such consequences so early, then natural testosterone boosters should be more than capable of getting your sex drive revved up!

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters Increase Libido

Reduces Stress

Again, this is one of those things that we kind of just cast aside. However, it’s a lot more important than that. Stress can affect many things in our daily lives. It can keep us awake at night, it can keep us from losing weight, it can put our body into a state that’s vulnerable to outside intrusion, etc.

It just so happens that stress is dealt with by another hormone — cortisol. Now, when large amounts of cortisol are present in your body, your testosterone levels will lower even more. This is not good, and can greatly affect the health of anyone.

Weight Loss

This is the big ticket item! Now, you might already be familiar with the concept of testosterone boosters as a weight loss product. Well, believe it or not — this is actually true! People who are testosterone-deficient often find it more difficult to lose weight. Your body kind of just hangs onto it and doesn’t want to let go.

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters Weight Loss

This is expressed in studies like this one on visceral fat and menopause. Women who were naturally testosterone-deficient found themselves with more visceral fat than those that were not. As such, higher levels of testosterone in women has been associated with a slimmer figure.

Testosterone Booster Breakdown

So now that we know what testosterone can do for women, let’s do a quick review on testosterone boosters themselves. Quick warning, there are a lot of testosterone boosters out there that won’t really do much.

In most cases, all you would be doing is draining your bank account. However, if you know what to look out for, then you won’t have to worry about a thing! We’ll offer recommendations later on, but first —  let’s talk about a couple of ingredients that you should look out for when choosing the testosterone booster that’s right for you

D-Aspartic Acid

When it comes to testosterone boosting ingredients, D-Aspartic Acid (or D-AA) is definitely one of the few that you can trust!

It’s shown great potential in a number of studies, and according to Healthline, is particularly good at significantly increasing your testosterone levels for a short period of time. It’s a very promising ingredient and one that we tend to look out for when we’re analyzing testosterone boosters.


Another good ingredient is Zinc. This is an essential mineral that has been linked to low testosterone. Basically, if you have too little of it, then you can expect that your testosterone levels will suffer. You might see Zinc in other forms as well, including Oyster Extracts — these are rich in zinc minerals and are very good at keeping your testosterone levels at the healthy level.

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters Zinc

Healthline goes as far as saying that Zinc can potentially prompt the body to produce testosterone. Which makes it an even better ingredient than most!


Fenugreek is another ingredient to look out for, one that is present in many testosterone boosters. Now, it should be said that fenugreek isn’t necessarily the best at increasing your T levels. No, it deals with another aspect of testosterone — libido. Supplementing extra doses of Fenugreek has been shown to treat both infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters Fenugreek

There are many other ingredients out there that claim to do the same. However, Fenugreek is definitely the best option. After all, not only is it 100% natural, but studies involving Fenugreek have proven to be conclusive.

What Testosterone Booster Should You Take?

This is another one of those big questions. After all, there are tons of testosterone boosters out there! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices, especially when you’re just starting out. Now, we’ve already provided some background with the previous section — as to the kind of ingredients you should be looking for inside of a testosterone booster.

However, let’s get a little a bit more specific! What kind of testosterone booster should you get, and which one is the best for women?

Roar Ambition’s — Testofuel

If you’ve been around the block long enough, then you’ve definitely heard of Roar Ambition. This is the leading company when it comes to fitness supplements — whether it be their fat burner, pre-workout, or their testosterone booster! Not only are their products well-reviewed by the community, they’re also high-quality and made specifically for professionals.

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters TestoFuel

Roar Ambition doesn’t play when it comes to their company branding, and this doesn’t change in their Testosterone Booster of choice! They picked out only the most effective of ingredients, all of which are 100% natural and side-effect free! Here’s a list of a couple of things that you can expect when taking Testofuel as a woman:

  • Increased Fat Burn!
  • Regulation of hormones — and Menstruation.
  • Higher levels of Motivation!
  • Extra Strength & Energy!
  • Promotion of Lean Muscles, and
  • A significant increase in libido!

This is everything you want, and more — in a testosterone booster. It’s more than enough to send you on your way to bigger and better living, and this is without the risk of growing hair in unwanted places or becoming overly burly! Now, if you want to learn more about this BEAST of a supplement, then you can check out our full Testofuel Review!


So, let’s ask the question again. “Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters?”

Short answer — Yes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. Irregular hormone levels can greatly affect your everyday life! This is especially true if you’re looking to change things up and are working to become more physically fit. Testosterone Boosters won’t do you any harm. So, if you want results and you are trying to find a natural remedy for testosterone deficiency, then I would definitely recommend that you try out a testosterone booster! 

TestoFuel currently has a bundle offer, buy direct here.

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