How Frequently Should You Train for Bigger Muscles

Everyone talks about the subject of training frequency differently. There are so many different ideas and opinions out there, but what’s the right one? Is there a right one? How frequently should you train for bigger muscles? Well, much like everything else to do with fitness… there’s really no right or wrong answer. Not in […]

Do carbohydrates bring on early menopause?

Carbs were already considered a ‘guilty’ pleasure after we discovered just how much weight can be gained from eating it in surplus. But now, there are research studies that suggest that it can also result in the early onset of menopause. So, is it true? Do carbohydrates bring on early menopause? To answer that question, […]

Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters?

Any woman that’s looking to shape herself up will consider Testosterone Boosters at least once or twice throughout her fitness journey. Which brings up the question — Do Women Need Testosterone Boosters? It would be easy to say that — no, they don’t. Especially if they’re not looking to develop male characteristics. However, is that […]